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3 Generations | 

4 Decades |

Closer to our Golden Decade

With the aim to provide world-class quality of flawless and everlasting diamonds, Vardhaman Diam laid down its foundation 40 years ago. We at Vardhaman Diam prefer to see ourselves as a holistic unit, importing, cutting & polishing and exporting precious diamonds. We work towards turning a raw piece of diamond into its brilliant and most magnificent form. The rough diamonds that are imported and further refined are 100% natural and conflict-free, purchased from Alrosa dominion and Angola.

World-class raw diamonds are handled with care to meet out its perfect dimensions by our craftsmen. 

Our approach has always been progressive, where we integrate technology, ethics and precision to deliver nothing but a constant supply of highly graded diamonds.

Our guiding principles consist of 5 mottoes that keep us going and growing.

  • Excellence in every respect
  • Ethical functioning
  • Efficiency across all levels
  • Earnest practices
  • Extraordinary/Exceptional quality
  • Empowering our team

They shape how we work, our policies and our attitude to build a forward-thinking and innovative world of brilliant diamonds.

Our Story

Our story goes all the way back to 4 successful decades, from starting the journey of trading the finest diamonds in the early 70’s to setting up a manufacturing factory in Surat just a few years later. Our founders, Mahendra and Suresh Shah, have put in efforts day and night in building the foundation of our company. Steered from our headquarters in Mumbai and a manufacturing unit in Surat, we have a global reach that extends to Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, The US, South Africa, Canada, and Belgium.


Mahendra Ravchand Shah

He set up the base of the company in the early 70s and with his expertise and great trading and communication skills, he established a strong bond with various clients all over the world, majorly looking over the sector of polished diamonds.

Suresh Ravchand Shah

He joined his brother a few years later looking after the manufacturing sector by procuring raw materials from Antwerp & Africa and establishing a factory in Surat. 

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