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Process of Manufacturing


Each gem from our collection of rough diamonds goes through a thorough check. They are meticulously evaluated to check their potential of being nothing short of a brilliant stone.


A time-consuming process but nonetheless a very crucial one as it determines the future of the uncut stones. The planner orchestrates the whole process of turning a rough stone turning into finished products as per the market demand while making sure it yields the best results and minimizes wastage.


Bruting is the process of giving shape to the cut diamond wherein another diamond is set on a spinning axel and allowed to grind against the cut diamond. Diamond being the hardest substance helps in smoothing out the rough edges gradually forming the rounded outline of another diamond.


In simpler terms, sawing is the process through which diamonds are cut. Sawing involves the use of advanced laser machinery to cut diamonds with the promise of precision and efficiency. Sawing works well on oddly shaped diamonds cutting them with a thorough accuracy.


The final stage in the journey of bringing a diamond to its life consists of 2 major steps: Blocking & Brillianteering
Polishing refers to the process of creating facets of the diamond in simpler terms it allows the light to reflect off its surface giving it the luminous shine. Precision and an attention to detail is what helps us achieve a high grade polish that truly brings out brilliance of a diamond.


After the diamond goes through the aforementioned processes, it is inspected to ensure that it meets the requirements and matches that high-grade quality that we intend to maintain at Vardhman Diam.

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